The path to perfect voice recordings.

You describe your project (media, language/s, length, speakers, use, schedule) and your goal.

We provide you with a structured and transparent quote both for an efficient and perfect voice-over production.

Production preparation
We check your texts, prepare them for production, discuss pronunciation rules and clarify any questions.

Selection of speakers
To ensure that your project talks the talk in all languages, we offer a selection of the voices that fit best.

We can produce your voice recording independently, with you in the studio or by joining us online. It’s all done in broadcast quality and ready for immediate use.

We usually produce your voice-overs within 3-4 days after receiving the finished script. If necessary, even faster.

Quality control
In the final review, we check for content and technical errors. If needed, we also check for speech to image coherence.

You place the order, we deliver your production down to the last detail of your production plans. This way, everything fits perfectly into your production pipeline.

RELIABility: our collaboration Process

1. We stay in touch: individual guidance and support from the first call to the finished voice recording is the first and most important part of our consistent quality control.

2. VOX-OVER guarantees quality as per Broadcast standards.

3. All speakers are native speakers and boast station voice quality. They give your message(corporate identity) a voice.

4. We obtain all rights of use and licensing for you according to your specifications. This gives you legal certanty and lets you use the voice recordings without worries.

5. Your production is implemented on schedule.
6. You enjoy protection through non-disclosure agreements with suppliers.

7. Your voice recordings are carefully archived: every project is ready for an update at any time.

8. We review texts and translations for coherence, length, pronunciation peculiarities, abbreviations, proper names, company names, etc.

Complex project, simple delivery.