Voice Identity

Sound belongs to a brand like the voice belongs to a person. VOX-OVER composes, produces and orchestrates brand acoustics.

With the perfect voice and sound for an e-learning, image film, explainer video,
radio and TV spot, viral marketing and much more across all platforms and in all languages.



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How much does a voice recording cost?

The cost of a voice recording depends on the length and usage of the recording. When comparing prices, a distinction must be made between a professionally edited voice recording that is ready for broadcast and a “raw” voice recording. We provide a custom-compiled casting including consultation and a high-end voice recording that you can use instantly. We work exclusively with professional speakers in radio quality – a difference you can hear, is faster and more effective. In general, short voice recordings are more expensive per spoken minute than longer ones. We start with 3 minutes of text but minute prices of EUR 15 are possible for large volumes. Since we produce a lot with “our” top
speakers, we might be able to offer them at cheaper rates than you think.

What languages/speakers are available?

Our voices pool includes speakers of over 65 languages - all of them 100% experienced native speakers. We will be happy to send out a search team for all other languages. We will find them... And, we love multilingual dubbing - only once everything is a snug and perfect fit across all languages are we satisfied.

What do I need to consider before the recording?

Most important points to clarify beforehand: who will speak, how and to whom? Woman or man, B2B or B2C, natural or promotional? We will be happy to help you with this. An accurate briefing and a well-edited text also help a lot. The pronunciation of terms and proper names should be clarified. Examples are helpful and can be shared via provided
samples or links. For more information, here are a few whitepapers with lots of useful tips to prepare successfully.

How soon will I receive the recordings?

3-5 working days are the rule. But it can also be done faster or sometimes take longer for larger productions. But we clarify that in each case and try to make everything possible. So far, we've met every deadline.

What can I use the recordings for?

The basic price includes internal usage. Explainer videos and such can also be uploaded to the company's own homepage or YT channel. Rights of use and buyouts are incurred when voice recordings are used commercially, i.e. when payment is made for broadcasting or reach. Be it at the movies, on TV, radio, POS or online, as soon as customers can hear the voice recordings without being asked, this is called active use and buyouts are incurred for this. The fees depends on the medium and the temporal and geographical use, so it makes sense to clarify beforehand where, how long and for what the voice recordings will be used. In the event that the final use is not clear beforehand, we
can also quote the recording first and apply the actual use later. No worries, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Complex project, simple delivery.