Perfect voice-overs are quite simple: All you need are the best voice actors with the greatest voices in all languages and the right producers. And that’s who we are: Markus Löhr and Trevor Hurst. We find the best of the best and give our best for our customers. Since 10 years in more than 65 languages and over 1,500 projects.

Markus Loehr - VOX-OVER - CFO and Founder
Markus Löhr
Source and founding member of VOX-OVER. Our guy for commitment and precision, creativity and reliability.
Trevor Hurst - VOX-OVER - CEO and Founder
Trevor Hurst
Founding member of VOX-OVER. Immersed in Netflix-Style e-learnings. Multilingual right from the cradle.
Hendrik Radermacher - VOX-OVER
Hendrik Radermacher
A passionate sound engineer. Ambitious and astute. Constructive with input as well as output.This is some text inside of a div block.
Xenia Nitschke - VOX-OVER
Xenia Nitschke
Project management, client relations and new business. Xenia sets new impulses and keeps our back office on track.


Wir lieben die Musik und das Machen, die Sprache und die Sprachen, das Sprechen und die Stimmen, das Erschaffen eines Werks aus Worten und Tönen.

Markus Löhr ist Musiker und Musikproduzent, Trevor Hurst ist Musikproduzent und Komponist.


The goal is the goal: the perfect voice-over. This is our approach:

Bespoke & precise

It all starts with listening: to understand your goal, your requirements and wishes.

We then develop a detailed production road map and get the project off the ground.

Speedy & safe

We work with more than 500 speakers worldwide in all languages. We deliver perfect voice recordings produced perfectly within the shortest possible time - in any desired language or in 65 languages all at once.

Sustainable & forward thinking

Our guides for voiceover scripts and briefings save time and money. We archive the voice recordings - instead of searching for them for a long time, we can find them again immediately when needed. Even many years later.

Complex project, simple delivery.